hemingway_zeta (hemingway_zeta) wrote in ss_oneonone,

The Rising Moon (Ari/Adam-tag which ever one wants to do it)

Adam stiffened as he felt his Beta female's arrival. His cigarette the only light save for the Moon, he took a drag and waited as the timid librarian took her courageous steps towards him. There were thoughts running through his head, none of which he could decipher at the moment.

It had already been a trying night, and now he was being forced to deal with this. What had gotten into Ari Ishida on this night, that she felt forced to persue some contrived notion of her two alphas? Adam had no idea, but it wasn't his problem. He had no desire to deal with it; he had half a notion to snap and tell her to mind her own business as it was. Who he chose to spend his time with was of no concern to anyone, least of all Ari.

"What do you want?" He asked gruffly, refusing to even turn around as she approached from behind. He could sense her fear, and, taking another drag from his cigarette, he felt no need to quell it.
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